Meet Scott Mills


Specializing in quality product design, construction and service for over 20 years

Scott Mills has a deep knowledge and passion for Arizona sourced materials. Scott values the opportunity to highlight the best qualities in a wood specimen by creating a custom piece of furniture or hand selecting unique live edge slabs for his clients to transform into heirloom home decor. From sourcing and designing to building and installing, Scott's 20 plus years of experience in working with Arizona sourced lumber has established him as a respected and trusted resource in the Southwest. 

Beyond Scott's talents in designing and sourcing are his specialized tools and services available to clients at Ironwood Mills. Ironwood Mills is home to the only Lucas Mill in Arizona. The Lucas Mill has the capacity to cut trees 5' in diameter that span 21' in length. Scott also welcomes one-of-a-kind service requests related to lumber treatment, cutting and fabrication.  Visit Ironwood Mills in person and explore more of Scott's work here online. 



Transforming salvaged trees into beautiful and functional furniture

Transforming salvaged trees into beautiful and functional furniture is a value and practice of Ironwood Mills that Scott is particularly proud of. Ironwood Mills thrives on the challenge to up-cycle urban lumber into an heirloom home fixture that can be enjoyed for generations to come.